Chris Kokias Photography

Business Headshots and Executive Portrait Photography


Headshot photography and executive portrait gallery displaying professional photography taken by photographer Chris Kokias, based in Centennial, Colorado. A professional headshot or executive portrait is a strong marketing tool that will present you in the best possible light. For eleven years I have been providing high quality business headshots for large multinational corporations as well as small one-person businesses. The photography can be done at your location or in my studio. If your company needs several headshots or executive portraits then it is most cost effective and easier for you if I come to your business location and I can photograph from four to hundreds of employees. For fewer headshots (one to three) you can schedule to come to my portrait studio. Later you can schedule new employees to come to my headshot studio, and I will make the new headshot match the style of the ones we took earlier. My photography studio is located approximately 30 minutes South of downtown Denver, about 15 minutes from the Denver Technology Center and Inverness. All headshot photos are enhanced by me before I deliver them. I retouch the photos to make everyone look nice. When I photograph at your office location I typically deliver the enhanced photos within about 2 work-days, if you schedule me to do your headshot in my studio, I’ll deliver the image to you in about an hour or two. Another option is to do executive portraits at your location with elements of your particular business showing within the photo. To find the best Denver area professional photographer look at their portfolio.